About Us

All our accessoires are hand made using the high grade natural materials. With the best quality, eco-standard wool, silk and flax we are creating unique, hard-wearing products that last long and are comfortable to wear. In the felting process we are using olive oil soap from Marseille that contains no artificial additives to make our felt skin-friendly and even softer. The colors are of course light- and wash-proof.
We really have 'felt in love' with wool and this unique, creative felting process. In order to properly express our ideas we have developed our own, unique techniques instead of simply copying know-how from other artists.

  • Since 2004 we are working as a (married) duo - filcant
  • We have started selling our works in Berlin at the “Kunstmarkt 17. Juni” und “Winterfeld Platz”. That was a great experience!
  • After our studies we moved away from Berlin and live now in a forest between Germany and Poland
  • Since then we are selling online only - more then 5000 items sold (2000+ on Etsy.com)
  • We have 7 rescued cats and 2 dogs
  • We run. A lot… 50 miles and more at once. And we dance tango
  • Our work is our passion :)
  • Now we move to our independent shop to give a better experience to our customers